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Montunal Lugana Azienda Agr. Montonale

Montunal Lugana Azienda Agr. Montonale

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 Montunal comes from the selection of the best Turbiana grapes and takes its name from the village where the winery and vineyards are located: Montonale, Montunal in local dialect. It represents the authentic expression of the native vine which reveals all its personality.

Brilliant straw yellow color. The nose expresses floral and fruity notes dominated by aromas of tropical fruit and broom, with balsamic hints of thyme and intriguing mineral hints of damp stone. In the mouth it reveals a perfect balance between freshness and structure, with a pleasant mineral flavor that gives depth and persistence at the end.

Variety: 100% Turbiana

Denomination DOC Lugana

Vintage: 2022

13,5 % vol, 75 cl.

Contains sulphites


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