Our values


Respect for the genuineness of the selected raw materials.


Selection of only products of Italian origin, to guarantee our mission signed "Made in Italy".


Every day we are committed to spreading the Italian gastronomic culture.


We aim high to offer the best, and we simply do it in the right doses!


Speaking etiquette: we have nothing to hide, no «secret ingredients».


Each kitchen has its own brigade and each member is indispensable for serving excellent dishes in the dining room.


It's our pinch of salt in this Special Recipe named My Cooking Box.

Our Vision

being at the table with each of you!

Bringing the quality of Italian cuisine to the table in every home in the world, simply with a Box.

Our Mission

mens sana in corpore sano

Creating experiences to make people feel good by stimulating taste and mind with a meal kit, whose ingredients are perfectly balanced and carefully selected from Italian excellence to create an exclusive, high-quality recipe.

The sustainable commitment

We protect the environment by using more and more recyclable materials and reducing the use of plastic. We fight food waste by packaging the ingredients in the right doses.

Our Made in Italy Boxes

From the most traditional to gourmet recipes: surprise those you love with a Box!